Play Rules

In order to ensure all children have an enjoyable experience playing at Tot Town, please make sure the following rules are followed:

PARENTAL SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES. Parents must remain within a few feet of their children at all times.
– A waiver for each child must be filled out in order to play at Tot Town.
– Shoes are not permitted in the play area. Socks MUST be worn at all times. We have socks for sale at the front desk for $2 a pair if you forget yours.
– The play area is designed for children 6 and under only.
– The crawler area is exclusively for infants and non-walkers. Older children are not permitted.
– No intentional destruction of toys or play equipment will be tolerated.
– No running, pushing, fighting, hitting, bullying or screaming is allowed.
– Toys should remain in their designated play areas. If they are removed for play, please return them to their proper areas once play is over..
– Thomas must remain on his track at all times.
– Balls must remain in the ball pit at all times. No swinging from the ball pit bars.
– Food and drinks are NOT allowed in the play area. Food and drink must be consumed in the snack room.
– All participants must sign a waiver.

**If any of these rules are not adhered to, Tot Town reserves the right to ask you to leave without a refund.**

So much fun!